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Specializing in Gun Safe and Vault Moving Delivery in Ohio

Professional Experienced Gun Safe Movers

We specialize in moving and delivering gun safes. We are not general household movers. When it is time to move your gun safe to your new home, do not put it in the hands of ordinary movers. Our movers are trained and experienced in transporting gun safes of any size using proven methods that will protect your safe while avoiding damage to floors, walls, and other items. We have the proper equipment and know a few innovative tricks to move even the heaviest of safes. We are fully-insured to give you added peace of mind.

Let Walters Delivery Expertly Move Your Gun Safe

Box Truck

Whether it is a small gun safe that weighs a couple hundred pounds or a large one weighing over 1,000 lbs., Walters Delivery has the knowledge, organization, and experience to move it problem-free.

We Specialize In Basement & 2nd Floor Moves & Deliveries

We specialize in house to house gun safe moves, but we will also pick up your new gun safe at any retail location.

Call or email for a free quote. Weight and model # are helpful in giving you an accurate estimate of cost and time involved. We provide moving and delivery service in the state of Ohio. For safety and protection of your gun safe contents, your safe should be emptied before it is moved.



Cleveland, Columbus, Marion, Mansfield and many more.


Telephone: Kelvin Walters (419)706-1075
Email: safemover@ohiogunsafemover.com

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